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  • 0 Tribute watch to the first-ever woman pilot licensed

    • News
    • by Blog GRIGRI personalized watches
    • 04-08-2022

    March 8th, 2020.   On this day of celebration of Women's Day, GRIGRI watches wanted to pay tribute to all these illustrious combatants who have fought body and soul to create a more equal and fairer society and whose efforts combined for decades have made great strides in this domain. For this, we wanted to modestly create a watch dedicated to all those who today still courageously pursue this fight in their daily lives.  We named this watch “The Baroness” in honor of Elisa Deroche better known under the pseudonym “Baronne Raymonde de Laroche” because March 8, 1910, is also the date when she became the very first woman in the world to obtain an aviator pilot's license. She later became famous in numerous aviation meetings in Heliopolis, St Petersburg, Budapest, and Rouen. She was even praised by Tsar Nicholas II in person for his incredible flight skills, bravery and daring. This automatic watch has an elegant anthracite gray background that goes perfectly with white numbering and indexes. We designed it with a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication to confirm its roots as a watch for commercial and military aviation pilots. This system allows frequent travelers to be able to locate themselves simultaneously in two different time zones, necessary to know on a single dial the local time and the time of another place in the world. In addition to its practicality, this complication adds natural sophistication to its aesthetic and will delight all adventurers of modern times.  To perfect the whole, we have added handmade copper hands whose shape echoes the composition of the dashboards of vintage aircraft.  Hoping that this little technological gem with a design so pleasantly retro and vintage will give you as much pleasure as the GRIGRI watches team had to create it. Tribute automatic GMT watch to "The Baroness" Elise de Laroche first-ever pilot licensed woman in March 8th 1910


    A quartz and an automatic movement side by side   When selecting your watch, you will have the choice between two types of movements: quartz powered by a battery or mechanical powered by a spring (manual or automatic).What are the major differences between these types of movements?What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?GriGri Watches helps you to see more clearly.Follow the guide!QUARTZ WATCHESQuartz watches are nowadays the most popular and widespread. How do they work?A thin quartz plate is oscillated at a stable frequency by the electrical pulse of a battery, which allows the hands to rotate regularly. This type of movement is generally suitable for thin watches and women's watches.Advantages : The price is often more affordable than a mechanical watch The finesse of the movements (compared to a mechanical watch) The accuracy is formidable - a few seconds per month only The resistance of such a movement is impressive, it is more resistant to shocks and vibrations. It is therefore ideal for sports and domestic activities Maintenance is limited to changing the battery every two years or so Disadvantages : The durability of the watch is limited by the wear and tear of the electronic components The prestige of the watch is not the same as a mechanical movement. Thus, some brands choose not to offer quartz watches for fear of damaging their image. Click to discover our selection of customizable quartz watches on MECHANICAL WATCHES  Mechanical watches are generally appreciated by collectors and watch experts for the beauty of the mechanism and the technical prowess. Unlike quartz watches, they do not draw their energy from a battery.  Among them, we distinguish between hand-wound and self-winding watches.  The manual winding which must be carried out regularly by turning the crown so that the watch functions correctly.  The automatic winding which must be carried out regularly by wrist movements. If you do not wear your automatic watch daily, using a winding device that simulates wrist movements may be a solution. Otherwise, an automatic watch can also be wound manually by turning the crown.  To learn more about the winding process of a mechanical watch, do not hesitate to consult the article dedicated to this topic.  Advantages : The case which reveals the cogs and the finesse of the mechanism thanks to a transparent back The durability of this type of movement, which, if well maintained, can be passed on from generation to generation The display is more pleasant, with a more fluid movement of the hands The prestige of such a watch is well established, combining tradition, know-how and authenticity Disadvantages : The sensitivity to shocks is more important The maintenance of your mechanical watch is necessary regularly (every 2 to 5 years), and can be particularly expensive Prices are significantly higher than quartz watches The accuracy of mechanical watches is less important – a delay of more or less four minutes per month in advance or delay Click to discover our selection of customizable automatic watches on  It should be noted that GriGri Watches only offers automatic (and not manual) mechanical watches. Find our selection of customizable automatic watches on   Thus, the choice of movement depends on your budget, your desires and your needs. Are you still hesitating? Feel free to contact us by email or via messenger. We will be happy to help you find the right watch for you!


    Before below operation, first, unscrew the crown  SETTING THE TIME 1. Pull the crown out to the "D" position. 2. Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hands. 3. When the crown is pushed back to the normal position, the second hand begins to run.  SETTING THE DATE 1. Pull the crown out to the "C" position. 2. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the date. * If the date is set between the hours of around 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the date may not change the following day. 3. After the date has been set, push the crown back to the normal position.   At Grigri Watches, we have chosen to offer you two types of movements: quartz or automatic.If you have selected the second option, you will need to set your automatic watch. Not so simple at first sight, rightIndeed, this routine can quickly become a real headache if you don't follow a few key steps. On the contrary, setting your automatic watch will become child's play if you adopt the right actions.To do so, follow the guide !   "Recharging" your automatic watch: two options  Let's get back to the basics. A mechanical watch is a "living" movement, and to keep it alive, it is essential to take care of it. An automatic movement (which is different from the manual movement that we do not offer) can be "recharged" using two energy sources:  The rotor Wrist movements turn the rotor which, by meshing a cogwheel, supplies energy and thus raises the barrel spring, which then drives all the gears of the watch and hands.  The crown However, movements are sometimes not sufficient to power the watch. In this case, winding can also be carried out by turning the crown, as in the case of a manually operated watch.  As a reminder, the crown of our automatic watches has 3 positions (B, C, D on the attached picture). In order to wind your automatic watch manually, place the crown in the normal unscrewed position (B). Turn it clockwise about 30 times to fully wind it up. This process allows you to ensure a power reserve before your movements take over.   To learn more about the composition of an automatic watch, we invite you to consult the article on this topic.  Be careful! Even if we do not question the ability of our readers' wrist movements, nothing beats manual winding from time to time, especially when starting or after the power reserve (40 hours) is exhausted. By winding your watch manually, it will have more energy and work optimally. In addition, your watch will become more accurate and have a longer life span. Setting the date of your automatic watch  There are 3 types of date changes: the dragging, jumping date change and the fast date change, which is the one of our automatic watches. The latter refers to the possibility of switching from one date to another thanks to the crown, without necessarily advancing the time.   To do this, move to position "C" of the crown. Then set your date by turning the crown counterclockwise.Trick: It is difficult to know where the watch last stopped between after midnight or after noon, therefore it is better to set up the date one day before and then with the crown in time setting position go till the next date and then adjust the time.Position "D" of the crown allows you to set the hour and minute hands. Your second hand will stop instantly. Don't panic! This is the stop-second on our movements that allows you to adjust your watch even more precisely.  However, be careful with the death zone, which is unfortunately not a watchmaking myth. The death zone refers to the time range from 9pm to 1am. During this time period, it is strongly not recommended to change the date of your watch. Indeed, when the process of change is at work (several hours before and after the 12 strokes of midnight), it is better not to disturb it. The risk: breaking a tooth on the date disc. To avoid a return trip to your watchmaker, it is therefore better not to intervene during this time.   Setting your watch knowing the good practices is therefore a guarantee of its bright future. And by following these few tips, you will put all the chances on your side!  In order to deepen your knowledge of how an automatic watch works, we invite you to consult the article on this topic.

  • 0 GRIGRI watches x Den enD - When art is worn on the wrist

    • News
    • by Blog GRIGRI personalized watches
    • 04-08-2022

    GRIGRI-watches and DenenD artist collaboration has resulted in a limited edition watch in only 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.   November 10th, 2020.   GRIGRI watches collaborates with Den End, one of the most famous Parisian street art / pop art artists of recent years. This collaboration has resulted in a limited edition watch in only 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist. Thanks to his experience in a shelter home, art has enabled Den End to avoid sinking into melancholy.   The contrast of this signature watch, highlighted by luminescent ink, allows his work to never disappear in the dark and thus to pay homage in light to the life and dreams that his art likes to represent.   The richness of the symbols is underlined, by an original watch hand, designed by the artist and, transcribed in the second's hand, giving life once again to this masterpiece of time.


    • Articles
    • by Blog GRIGRI personalized watches
    • 01-08-2022

    Your watch is a unique piece made up of elements meticulously designed and assembled with the greatest care. For your watch to keep its impeccable appearance and optimal functioning for many years, it is important to maintain it regularly. Below are some care tips: First of all, our pre-sales maintenance check: Your GriGri watch is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. To avoid any malfunction of your watch, we are operating a control under our standards of excellence. For each hand-crafted watch, our teams are called upon to work on: - Assembly of the movement, cleaning- adjustment and verification of all functions - Waterproofing test checking for leaks - Cleaning the case and bracelet - Final quality control and packaging DESCRIPTION OF A MECHANICAL WATCH : Our automatic mechanical watches wind themselves on their wrists. If your watch stops or if you do not wear it for a long time, the movement must be wound manually by turning the crown several times in both directions. In order for your watch to wind properly, we recommend that you wear it for at least 8 to 10 hours a day.   DESCRIPTION OF A QUARTZ WATCH : The movement of quartz watches works with a battery. These watches, therefore, do not need to be wound. However, unlike a mechanical movement, the battery must be replaced. During the warranty period, we undertake to replace the battery if it no longer works.  HOW TO CLEAN YOUR WATCH ?   To maintain the impeccable appearance of your watch, clean the case and strap regularly with slightly soapy water, then rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth. You can also use a soft toothbrush to gently clean your watch.  SPORTS FABRIC WRISTWATCHES  Check beforehand that the crown of the watch is screwed in or pushed in. Clean the watch with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cloth.   METAL STRAPS  Check beforehand that the crown of the watch is screwed in or pushed in. Clean the watch with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cloth.  LEATHER WATCH BANDS  Rub your bracelet with a dry soft cloth.   GOOD PRACTICES TO PRESERVE YOUR Grigri WATCH : Keep your watch in a safe and dry place. Avoid any exposure to chemicals, solvents or gases that may damage or deteriorate the housing. Do not apply any cosmetic or perfume products directly to the case or bracelet. Avoid repeated impacts, knocks and friction that could scratch the metal and affect the watch mechanism. We advise you not to expose your watch to extreme weather conditions. Below 0°C, the oil in the mechanism can lose its fluidity and slow down the movement. Above 60°C, the mechanism and battery life may be affected. After exposure to salt water, rinse your watch with clean water and let it dry.

  • 0 FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to give, as much we can, help to our customers, if you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to message us! WHAT TO DO IF YOUR WATCH IS STOPPED?  If your watch is a Quartz Grigri watch model:  There are two possible causes: - Either the battery in your watch is at the end of its life: a battery replacement is necessary - Either the movement of your watch is damaged (battery that has leaked, water infiltration...): a complete overhaul will restore the movement  If your watch is an Automatic mechanical Grigri watch model:  Remember to manually wind the mechanism of your watch. If your watch still does not work, there are 2 possible causes:- Either the screw of the automatic system of your watch is unscrewed, If you reset your watch and it runs for a while but then stops repeatedly at specific times, a number of issues are possible. Bring the watch in for inspection as soon as possible: maintenance is necessary - Either the oils of the movement of your watch have dried, the movement is dirty or damaged due to an impact or the presence of water: a complete overhaul will restore the movement to its original state.  WHAT TO DO IF YOUR GRIGRI WATCH IS DELAYED OR ADVANCING?  Quartz Grigri watch:  The movement of your watch needs a reparation, please, return it to an after-sale service point.  Automatic Grigri watch:  There are two possible causes: - Either your watch is magnetized, or the setting needs to be modified: maintenance is necessary - Either the oils of the movement of your watch have dried, the movement is dirty or damaged due to an impact or the presence of water: a complete overhaul will restore the movement to its original state.  WHAT TO DO IF THE DIAL OF YOUR GRIGRI WATCH HAS FOGGING?  Water has infiltrated the movement: a complete overhaul is necessary.  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A QUARTZ AND AN AUTOMATIC Grigri WATCH?  Our quartz watches have quartz movements while our automatic watches are powered by automatic mechanical movements. In quartz movements, a battery powers the watch. In mechanical-automatic Grigri watches, a mechanical movement utilizes energy from a wound spring to power the watch.  Except that, they are no other differences between the Grigri quartz and the automatic models. You should just know that, of course, a transparent sapphire case back is not really appropriate for a quartz watch while it is a real enhancement for an automatic watch as it offers a nice view of the technical beauty of the mechanical movement.  ARE BATTERIES INCLUDED IN THE Grigri QUARTZ WATCHES?  Yes, brand new batteries are included in all our watches. Your watch is ready to be wear as soon as you receive it.  HOW DOES MAGNETISM AFFECT A WATCH?  Watches can be definitely affected by magnetism and then gain or lose time. It is important not to store a watch close to magnetic objects. In particular, cell phones, speakers, magnetic necklaces, etc.  Analog Quartz watches:  Analog quartz watches are using a step motor that uses magnetic forces. These step motors may easily be affected by magnetism and as a result, watches may stop or fail to keep the correct time until the watch is near a magnetic source. But magnetism will not remain inside the watch, so when away from the magnetic source, just re-adjust the time.  Mechanical automatic watches: Magnetism affects the movement parts and may cause a permanent incapacity to keep the correct time as the mechanical parts will remain magnetized even after removing it from the magnetic source. We recommend that you have it demagnetized by an after-sales service point to restore its initial accuracy.  WHAT IS THE TIME PRECISION OF MECHANICAL WATCHES?  Definitely variable from -20s to +40s a day The accuracy of mechanical watches changes day by day, depending on different factors. Mechanical watches have a mechanism that is powered by a mainspring unwinds, and tiny metal parts that work together to control accuracy. They can be easily affected by temperature, gravity, and shock.Temperature: Do not expose the watch to extremely low or high temperatures (less than 5ºC or more than 35ºC) Magnetism: Keep the watch away from magnetic fields Shock: Strong shock may affect the accuracyBe careful while wearing your watch for any sport that involves strong impacts, dropping the watch may also cause damage.  To improve the accuracy of a mechanical watch, it is recommended that the user winds up fully the mainspring of the watch before wearing it even if it's a self-winding type. Wind the mainspring up fully will stabilize accuracy.


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    • by Blog GRIGRI personalized watches
    • 26-07-2022

    First of all, we check for each watch, after assembling, its waterproofness. Thus It is a question here of attaching the watch to the bottom of the metal rod (see photos). Then we fill the tube with water. We then replace the dome-shaped cover on the tube and pull the lever to increase the pressure up to the desired value (5 ATM), then wait 3 minutes and Finally we immerse the watch in water. If air bubbles come out of the watch (what you can see in the water) is that it is not waterproof, otherwise your watch is totally waterproof. This system is extremely reliable, because, any slightest leak can be seen right away. All the means to preserve the water resistance of your watch according to its water resistance degree: High temperature water? It is imperative not to wear a watch in saunas, hammams, showers, baths, in order to avoid deterioration of the seals due to high temperature. Seawater? Rinse the watch in fresh water after each immersion in sea water to prevent salt from damaging the seals. How to use your watch underwater? Remember not to touch the buttons or crown of your watch while it is underwater. Check that they are well inserted or screwed in. Waterproofing table: All GRIGRI watches are water-resistant from 50 to 100 metres. Check the information on the back of the case of your GRIGRI watch and read the waterproofing table below carefully.   Water resistance table (Waterproofing) MetersFeetATMType of use 50 165 5 Suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water 100 330 10 Suitable for swimming or snorkeling  300  985  30 Suitable for deep water diving Waterproofing guarantee : the waterproofing of your watch cannot be guaranteed for life because the seals can wear out, the crowns or push buttons can be subjected to shocks and the climate or temperature can change.   Maintenance frequency of your watch  QUARTZAUTOMATIC Battery life 2 to 4 years X Interval between revisions Every 5 years Every 5 years  Interval between waterproofing test  2 years 2 years In case of prolonged exposure to seawater or chlorinated 1 year 1 year


    • Articles
    • by Blog GRIGRI personalized watches
    • 21-07-2022

    *designed or produced to meet someone's individual requirements. The need for exclusivity and differentiation is more important than ever in a world that is codified and standardized to the extreme. GriGri Watches therefore responds to this desire to appropriate an object that embodies individuality and originality by offering you the opportunity to design the watch of your dreams.   If you are still hesitating to offer (yourself) a GriGri personalized watch, this article should convince you. Here are four excellent reasons to succumb to temptation:  A watch that matches your personality  First, a personalized watch allows you to design a model that reflects your image by applying your personal imprint. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal watch to match with your favorite outfit. Even if a timeless watch could work, what better way to enhance the look than with a personalized watch? You can proudly display YOUR style with this unique and individualized object.   A unique watch that you won't see anywhere else   Having a beautiful watch is good, but having a watch with a unique design that you will be the only one to owe is much better. Such an object will bring an elegant touch to your style and will allow you to stand out. And if you choose one of our models already designed, don't worry, our watches are sold in a very limited edition. You want to make it unique? You can simply change a feature.   A fast and intuitive creation process  In order to make the process of creating your GriGri watch as easy as possible, we have developed a simple and intuitive online configurator. In just a few steps, you will have the watch of your dreams in front of your eyes. The design of your watch will then be sent to our teams who will bring your creation to life with the greatest care.   Before you start creating your watch, you have the choice between starting from an existing model that you can adapt to your desires, or starting from a blank model to let your imagination run free. Need help with your creative process? Feel free to contact us by email or via messenger. We will be happy to assist you in this crucial step!  An original gift that’s one of a kind  Are you looking for a unique gift that will perfectly match the personality of your loved ones? A GriGri personalized watch will undoubtedly please your family, friend or colleague, whatever the occasion. Create the perfect watch by choosing the different components to achieve the design that looks like the lucky recipient! You can even engrave your creation to further mark the individualization of the watch.   So, ready to step outside the beaten track of standardization to create a unique object that reflects your personality and style?