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Before below operation, first, unscrew the crown 
1. Pull the crown out to the "D" position. 
2. Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hands. 
3. When the crown is pushed back to the normal position, the second hand begins to run. 
1. Pull the crown out to the "C" position. 
2. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the date. 
* If the date is set between the hours of around 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the date may not change the following day. 
3. After the date has been set, push the crown back to the normal position.
At Grigri Watches, we have chosen to offer you two types of movements: quartz or automatic.

If you have selected the second option, you will need to set your automatic watch. Not so simple at first sight, right

Indeed, this routine can quickly become a real headache if you don't follow a few key steps. On the contrary, setting your automatic watch will become child's play if you adopt the right actions.

To do so, follow the guide !  
"Recharging" your automatic watch: two options 
Let's get back to the basics. A mechanical watch is a "living" movement, and to keep it alive, it is essential to take care of it. An automatic movement (which is different from the manual movement that we do not offer) can be "recharged" using two energy sources: 
The rotor 
Wrist movements turn the rotor which, by meshing a cogwheel, supplies energy and thus raises the barrel spring, which then drives all the gears of the watch and hands. 
The crown 
However, movements are sometimes not sufficient to power the watch. In this case, winding can also be carried out by turning the crown, as in the case of a manually operated watch. 
As a reminder, the crown of our automatic watches has 3 positions (B, C, D on the attached picture). In order to wind your automatic watch manually, place the crown in the normal unscrewed position (B). Turn it clockwise about 30 times to fully wind it up. This process allows you to ensure a power reserve before your movements take over.  
To learn more about the composition of an automatic watch, we invite you to consult the article on this topic. 
Be careful! Even if we do not question the ability of our readers' wrist movements, nothing beats manual winding from time to time, especially when starting or after the power reserve (40 hours) is exhausted. By winding your watch manually, it will have more energy and work optimally. In addition, your watch will become more accurate and have a longer life span.
Setting the date of your automatic watch 
There are 3 types of date changes: the dragging, jumping date change and the fast date change, which is the one of our automatic watches. The latter refers to the possibility of switching from one date to another thanks to the crown, without necessarily advancing the time.  
To do this, move to position "C" of the crown. Then set your date by turning the crown counterclockwise.

Trick: It is difficult to know where the watch last stopped between after midnight or after noon, therefore it is better to set up the date one day before and then with the crown in time setting position go till the next date and then adjust the time.

Position "D" of the crown allows you to set the hour and minute hands. Your second hand will stop instantly. Don't panic! This is the stop-second on our movements that allows you to adjust your watch even more precisely. 
However, be careful with the death zone, which is unfortunately not a watchmaking myth. The death zone refers to the time range from 9pm to 1am. During this time period, it is strongly not recommended to change the date of your watch. Indeed, when the process of change is at work (several hours before and after the 12 strokes of midnight), it is better not to disturb it. The risk: breaking a tooth on the date disc. To avoid a return trip to your watchmaker, it is therefore better not to intervene during this time.  
Setting your watch knowing the good practices is therefore a guarantee of its bright future. And by following these few tips, you will put all the chances on your side! 
In order to deepen your knowledge of how an automatic watch works, we invite you to consult the article on this topic.